A creative studio for authentic brands and inspired individuals.

Fernweh (n.) /ˈfɛʁnveː/ an ache for distant places





Fernweh. One of the most beautiful words in the German language. It is what drives me and constantly pushes me further. It is an unshakeable feeling of longing, a desire for more, a curiosity to explore. It is what brought me to Los Angeles and what inspires me everyday. To do more, to see more, to learn more and to find new adventures. 

I believe that this sentiment translates wonderfully into my work. Because good work comes from a place of wanting more. With this curiosity and continuous sense of wonder I not only explore the world but also any given creative challenge. I believe that when you ask the right questions and truly listen you no longer have to invent stories, you get to tell truths. This way advertising becomes obsolete and you can create empathy and strong connections between a brand and its audience and build emotional equity. 

Fernweh, to me, is a way to hit refresh everyday. It’s not another agency, but a wonderfully fluid and unrestricted thing. It can take on any shape or form necessary, from an agile one-woman-shop to a broad collective of fantastic creative minds, coming together to create something new and inspiring. 



I am a free-spirited creative director and designer in Los Angeles by way of Berlin. I have a serious lettering and color-coordinating obsession, and get super excited about illustration and everything handmade. I have kept my German work ethic and inherent punctuality, but my heart belongs to the ocean, to the open road, and to the small golden details that make a product come alive.

My extensive experience in advertising, strong design background, passion for innovation, and solid strategic foundation allow me to build brands dynamically, creating an authentic visual language from the ground up.

I am here to let you do you and translate this visually in a genuine and aspirational way, so people will want to stay connected. 

I believe that creativity can not only turn the world into a more beautiful, but also better, place.